This article is a guide on how to send and withdraw money from the Gulf African Bank account using mpesa. The Gulf African Bank is a licensed bank in Kenya and has been in operation since 2007. Mobile money transfer has been on the rise due to its convenience in current times.

What is the M-Pesa PayBill number for Gulf Bank?

gulf bank mpesa paybill number

The m-pesa paybill number for gulf bank is 985050. To deposit money to your gulf african bank account from mpesa use the paybill option and use your gulf african bank account number as guided below.

How can I send money from my Gulf bank account to M-Pesa?

  1. Go to lipa na mpesa paybill option.
  2. Enter the gulf bank mpesa paybill number 985050
  3. Enter your bank account number
  4. Enter your pin and finish depositing.
  5. The amount shall be deposited from your mpesa to your gulf bank account. You shall receive a text message to confirm your successful deposit.

How can I transfer money from Gulf Bank To Mpesa?

You can transfer money from your gulf bank account to your mpesa using the gulf bank mobile application as guided below.

  1. Open your gulf bank mobile app
  2. Select mobile money the mpesa
  3. Enter the mpesa mobile number
  4. Choose the GAB account to use
  5. Enter the amount
  6. Check the details
  7. Enter the one-time-password sent to your mobile number
  8. You have successfully transferred money from your gulf African bank account to mpesa.

How can I activate mobile banking in Gulf Bank?

You can activate mobile banking in gulf bank by calling 1-805805 today.

Gulf Bank Customer Care Contacts

Head office physical addressGeminia Towers, Upperhill, Nairobi
Gulf Bank Email[email protected]
Gulf Bank Phone Number +254711075000
Gulf Bank Customer Care Contacts
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