New Instant Hack Codes To Increase Your Fuliza Limit

Safaricom takes ages to increase fuliza for most users. Worst still, some are never even given a limit in the first place. If you have been affected, don’t worry; you are in the right place. 

This page will show you how you can trick the Safaricom fuliza system algorithms to increase your limit instantly. To start with, there are a lot of shared ways on the internet to increase fuliza limit, which actually never works. One of them is the idea of opting out and then opt-in afterward. Such methods used to work earlier on, but Safaricom closed the gap, and none of them worked anymore.

The codes we provided last year also no longer work, as Safaricom shut them down. This year, we have worked tirelessly and are happy to announce that we have 4 brand new codes that work instantly. These codes increase your fuliza from the current limit to a maximum of 10,000 shillings instantly. We are working to crack codes with higher limits, but for now, you can use the available 4.

  1. The first code shall increase your current limit to 2,000 shillings and costs 200 shillings
  2. The second code shall increase your current limit to 5,000 shillings and costs 300 shillings.
  3. The third code shall increase your current limit to 7,000 shillings and costs 450 shillings
  4. The forth code shall increase your current limit to 10,000 shillings and costs 750 shillings.

You don’t need coding knowledge to use the codes; we have done all the work for you. You only need to follow the simple guide and dial the codes to increase your limit instantly. The codes are in a downloadable file which you shall download after paying automatically with mpesa. Buy the codes below to proceed. Keep checking this page for even higher limits that we are working on.