This article we will show you how you can reverse mpesa money sent to a wrong till or paybill number.

Sending money to the wrong accounts is a very tragic but regular affair for most M-Pesa users. The immediate response of any victim would be to try and recover the funds, as the money was most likely intended for something else.

In the past, you would have to rely on the goodwill of the person who received the funds; to reverse your cash amount by sending it back to you i.e. manually. M-Pesa introduced a new feature that enables its users to reverse money sent to the wrong account.

Requirements to reverse Lipa na M-pesa transactions

  • The M-Pesa transaction code
  • The time the transaction took place
  • Your full name and ID number

How Can I Reverse Mpesa Money Sent To A Wrong Till Or Paybill Number?

You can reverse mpesa transaction money sent to the wrong till or paybill number by either calling Safaricom customer care 100, 234, and 191 or contacting Safaricom via social media pages especially Twitter as guided below.

  1. Call 100 and request for reversal

    When the operator comes online, let them know that you want to reverse a till number transaction. The transaction money shall be put on hold and they shall contact the owner of that till number to confirm whether it was actually an unintended transaction. If they confirm the transaction was an error, the transaction shall be reversed and the sent money returned to your mpesa account balance.

  2. Contact Safaricom support via official social media pages.

    Safaricom’s helpline is known to put customers on hold for a long time. In case you don’t get help using 100, the best way to go is by sending a message to Safaricom’s Twitter page inbox. Alternatively, you can comment on your issue on one of their popular posts. After this, a Safaricom agent shall reach out and have your till or pay bill transaction reversed.

  3. Call the owner of the till or paybill number and ask them to reverse the transaction.

    To reverse Money Sent to a wrong paybilll or till number dial 234 or 191 and ask for the merchant’s number who operates the Mpesa Paybill or till.  The business will check on the transaction and reverse your money. The process usually takes about two working days for most businesses.

Reverse mpesa money sent to the wrong till or paybill number (Video Guide)

Reverse mpesa money sent to the wrong till or paybill

Reversing money sent to a wrong mpesa mobile number

You can reverse Mpesa money sent to the wrong number by forwarding the transaction message to M-Pesa. It is a very simple process to follow and here are the steps;

  1. Select the M-Pesa message containing the transaction to be reversed
  2. Copy or forward the message to 456
  3. You will get a response from Safaricom in a short while via SMS or Call

How to check Mpesa Pay bill Balance

  1. Open your phone’s dialer and dial *234#
  2. Choose option 4 and hit send
  3. Go to ‘My Accounts
  4. Choose ‘Check Balance’ and click send
  5. Go to option 1 i.e Business/Store number
  6. Fill in your pay bill no.
  7. You’ll receive an SMS showing your balance

Frequently Asked Questions About Reversing Till And Paybill Transactions

Can one cancel a Lipa Na M-Pesa transaction that is underway?

This is not possible as once a transaction is initiated by the customer, only the merchant who has received it can reverse it. Safaricom is unauthorized to conduct Lipa Na M-Pesa reversals unless official communication is received from the merchant.

What happens if I enter the wrong Till Number when transacting?

Call customer care on 234 immediately and they will contact the wrongly paid merchant and request them to reverse the transaction. Ensure you double-check to avoid paying the wrong till numbers.

What happens if I pay the wrong amount to Mpesa Pay bill?

The retailer or merchant receiving the payment will decide how to refund the payment.

What is the customer care for Lipa Na M-Pesa merchants?

The M-pesa customer care number is 100, 234 for prepaid, and 200 for postpaid clients.

Can a customer reverse a Buy Goods transaction?

This is not possible as the transaction is initiated by the customer, and only the receiving merchant can reverse it. Note that Safaricom cannot carry out Lipa Na M-Pesa reversals unless there is an official communication from the merchant.


Before we call it a day, remember to reach out to Safaricom Mpesa agents as early as you can to make your reversal quick and easy since the reversal can only be successful if the recipient user is online. You can call the agents through 234 or 100 to let them know about your wrong transaction and begin your reversal. From the above guide, you can reverse an mpesa transaction sent to a wrong till or paybill number.