I have been using mshwari loan and savings services and really like their service. One challenge I came across was getting a low limit which I fixed by following mshwari guidelines. I share how I increased my mshwari loan limit in this post.

What Is Mshwari?

M-shwari is a Safaricom M-Pesa savings service whereby Safaricom users can save their cash both short-term and long-term. Mshwari was first introduced to cater to MPesa customers’ savings needs. On M-shwari, one can not only make savings but also apply and request for Mshwari loans.

M-shwari loan limit eligibility requirements

To unlock your M-shwari loan limit and other services on your savings account, you need to consider the following factors first:

  • You’re required to be a 6-months, active M-Pesa user
  • Your Safaricom M-shwari account has to be ACTIVE and in service
  • You have to transact and Save on M-shwari regularly
  • Pay your previous M-shwari loans on time

How to Register for M-shwari Loan Amount

  1. Open your M-Pesa Menu on your Sim toolkit, M-Pesa app, or USSD (*334#)
  2. Go to Loans & Savings
  3. Select ‘M-Shwari’
  4. Click on Activate/Wezesha
  5. Enter your Mpesa pin to confirm the activation function

How to increase M-shwari loan limit

Saving high cash amounts on your M-shwari regularly means that you’re likely going to receive larger loan amounts compared to others. Follow the below steps to increase your mshwari limit.

  1. Make sure your M-shwari account is Activated

    Upon buying a new Safaricom line, the user is required to first activate their M-pesa account. If your M-pesa is active, you can now go to the M-shwari section and push the activate button to begin transacting

  2. Make savings on M-shwari

    If your M-shwari account is active, you need to begin saving cash on it regularly to increase the possibility of achieving a higher loan limit.

  3. Regular loan applications

    As soon as your limit is unlocked from zero (0), begin applying for loans from time to time. Remember to repay your M-shwari loans in time to avoid defaulting which will certainly lead to future loan rejections.

  4. Complete your Previous loan payments on time

    You’re recommended to make early loan repayments on M-shwari to increase your credit score and boost your loan limit over time.

How to Boost M-Shwari Loan Limit

Why is my M-Shwari Limit Zero?

Your m-shwari loan limit is 0 because you might have defaulted on your previous loans or made late payments. To increase your limit from zero, repay your outstanding loans and save more with m-shwari.

M-Shwari Loan Interest Rates

M-shwari Loan limit offeredKsh. 100 to Ksh. 50,000
M-shwari loan interest rate 9%
M-shwari loan Repayment Duration30 Days/1 month
M-Shwari Loan Interest

How to Repay M-shwari loan amount

You can make your M-shwari loan repayment via M-Pesa or M-Shwari, using your Sim Toolkit or MySafaricom App. We recommend you avoid making late M-Shwari loan repayments to prevent loan rejections or declines in the future.

However, you can request a loan repayment duration extension. This 30-day extension will however attract a penalty fee of 9% from the lender.

  1. Open your M-Pesa menu
  2. Go to the Loans and savings section
  3. Select M-Shwari
  4. Choose ‘Loan’
  5. Click on ‘Pay Loan’
  6. Enter the amount payable

How to increase M-shwari loan limit FAQs

How do I grow my M-shwari Loan Limit?

To easily increase or grow your M-shwari loan limit, you’re required to deposit, withdraw and most importantly make savings on your M-shwari account. You’re also recommended to pay your outstanding M-shwari loans in time to avoid penalties like a disqualification.

Why is my M-shwari loan limit Zero (0)?

Your M-Shwari loan limit is Zero (0) because your M-shwari account might be new or inactive. Moreover, you M-shwari limit could be Zero(0) if you have an outstanding debt balance overdue for more than three months.

What is the M-shwari loan interest rate?

The M-shwari loan interest rate is usually 7.5 percent. One can borrow from Ksh. 100 up to Ksh. 50,000. All M-shwari loan borrowers are required to make their repayment in a period of 4 weeks i.e. 1 month. One should make the repayment on time to avoid unnecessary penalties.

How can I boost my M-shwari loan limit?

To boost your m-shwari loan limit, make more transactions and savings with mshwari. Ensure your outstanding loans are paid on time.

What is the maximum M-Shwari loan limit?

The maximum M-shwari loan limit is Ksh. 50,000 with a 30-day repayment duration, whilst the minimum M-shwari limit is Ksh. 100.

Can I get M-Shwari loan with outstanding Fuliza?

Absolutely, you can get qualify for M-shwari loans even with a Fuliza overdraft as long as you’re eligible for a certain loan amount i.e. if your M-shwari savings account has been active for quite a while.

Can M-Shwari list you on CRB?

Yes, M-Shwari will definitely list you on CRB if you default on your outstanding loan amount. Make your repayment within 120 days to avoid CRB listing.

Thank you for reading, I am sure these methods increased your m-shwari limit. Please share these tips with others.

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