Below is a guide on how to pay NHIF using mpesa for employers and self-employed members.

  1. For employers, start here but self-employed members should start with step 2. Go to your nhif portal account and generate an e-slip number. The e-slip number is what you shall use as your account number when paying on pesa To generate an e-slip on nhif, download the Excel sheet here and fill it. After filling go back to the nhif portal account and upload the sheet then submit to generate an e-slip number.
  2. On your phone, open the m-pesa menu
  3. Go to lipa na m-pesa option
  4. Select the paybill option
  5. For the business number enter nhif 200222
  6. Enter the account number which is your national ID number
  7. Type in the amount you want to pay
  8. Enter your mpesa pin number and finish
  9. You shall get a confirmation message. This is how you pay for nhif contributions using mpesa.

What Is The NHIF Paybill Number?

The NHIF mpesa paybill number is 200222. This is the business number that you shall use to pay for your monthly contributions or your penalty charges.

How Much Is NHIF Contribution Per Month?

The NHIF monthly contribution is 500 shillings for the self-employed members.

Final Word

That is how you pay for your nhif contributions via mpesa as an employer or self-employed member. Learn more on how you can check your status. Remember to share this to help spread the word.