If you default on your nhif payments as an employer or self-employed, this is how to pay nhif penalty using mpesa.

  1. Open your Safaricom mpesa menu
  2. Select the lipa na m-pesa option
  3. Choose paybill option
  4. Enter the business number which is 200222
  5. Use your ID number as the account number
  6. Enter the penalty amount you want to pay
  7. Enter your mpesa pin and finish.
  8. That is how to pay for your nhif penalty using mpesa.
How to pay nhif penalty (infographic)

How Much Is NHIF Penalty Monthly?

The nhif penalty for defaulting your monthly contributions payments is 50% of the defaulted amount. Therefore, if your contribution is 500 then the penalty shall be 250 shillings.

Paying Nhif Penalty Video Guide

Paying Nhif Penalty Video Guide

Common Questions About NHIF Penalty

How can I check my NHIF penalties?

To check for your nhif penalty by SMS, send the text message ‘ID then your id number’ to 21101. It shall cost you 10 shillings to check your nhif penalty using SMS.

How do I get an NHIF penalty waiver?

There is no nhif penalty waiver, to clear your nhif penalty, pay your outstanding nhif contribution amounts plus your incurred penalty and get active on nhif again.

How can I activate NHIF after defaulting?

To activate your nhif after defaulting, pay the penalty that you have incurred plus the total amount for the defaulted nhif contributions.

What happens when you delay paying NHIF?

When you delay paying for your nhif contributions, you attract a defaulting penalty of 50% of the amount you have not paid.


This is how you pay for your nhif penalty via mpesa in case you defaulted on your monthly payments. You can also check out how to pay for your contributions.