I am a long time user of Safaricom’s fuliza service. Today I shall show you how to legitimately increase your fuliza limit from 0 as per Safaricom’s guidelines. I have successfully used this methods I shall share with you here. The methods on this page take time to work and need patience. in case you want to increase your limit instantly there are hack codes you can use as guided here.

What causes your fuliza limit to decrease to zero?

Fuliza limit rarely drops, most times, it maintains or better increases. However, in case you violate mpesa and Safaricom’s service policies, your limit can decrease to zero. The decrease can be due to:

Reasons why your Fuliza limit is 0 (Zero)

  1. Inactivity of your line, meaning you do not use Safaricom and mpesa services regularly.
  2. Failing to pay other Safaricom facilitations like Okoa jahazi and m-shwari in time
  3. Opting in and out multiple times can reduce your fuliza limit to zero
  4. Defaulting or failing to pay already borrowed fuliza loan in time.

How To Increase Your Fuliza Limit From 0

When my sim card was new, I used to get o fuliza limit but after six months of actively using fuliza, my limit became 500 shillings and has been increasing since then. You can do the same if your sim card is still new. If your sim card is more than 6 months old and your fuliza limit dropped to 0 then check any irregularities you have with safaricom. After this you correct them and stay within the guidelines of Safaricom your fuliza limit shall increase from 0.

increase fuliza from 0

1. Check and correct the irregularity you have with Safaricom or mpesa services

In case your fuliza limit drops to zero, it is an indicator that you have some irregularity with your Safaricom and M-Pesa services uses. To increase your fuliza limit when it drops to zero, you should check and correct the irregularity you have with Safaricom or mpesa services. Check for Safaricom policy bridges we covered before and find the ones that are affecting you.

After correcting your issue, now wait for the Safaricom fuliza mpesa team to review your limit automatically. Keep checking to know whether your fuliza limit has increased from 0 (zero).

  1. Clear all irregularities your line has with safaricom, like overdraft debts from m-shwari and Okoa jahazi.
  2. Dial *234# to check wether your fuliza limit has increased from zero
how can i increase my fuliza limit from 0

2. Opt In And Out Of Fuliza

In case your limit doesn’t increase after correcting your irregularities, then you can move on and try to prompt the Safaricom fuliza limit to update your fuliza and Safaricom details and statistics for a better review. To increase your fuliza limit from 0, you should opt out of fuliza mpesa, wait for a little while, and opt in again.

  1. Dial *234#
  2. Selected fuliza option
  3. Select the ‘opt-out’ option
  4. Give it a little while then oot in again
  5. Your fuliza should increase from zero, but not all cases go through.

What Happens If You Opt Out Of Fuliza?

Precisely, when you opt-out of fuliza, you shall no longer be eligible for the fuliza overdraft loan unless you opt-in again. Furthermore, your fuliza limit shall either be reduced or increased when you opt in again depending on the regularity of your opting in and out.

In case you have been opting in and out on a regular basis, then your fuliza limit shall decrease. However, if you have never opted out before when you eventually opt out, your fuliza limit might be increased upon opting in.

You should not keep opting in and out of fuliza since this shall look malicious. However, opting out once after a long time shall increase your fuliza limit. This is because fuliza shall take that you are unsatisfied with the service and therefore try to lure you by a higher limit.

How To Opt-in And Out Of Fuliza

  1. Dial *234#
  2. Choose option o
  3. Next select option 6 and send
  4. You have secessfully opted out of fuliza
  5. To opt into fuliza dial *334#
  6. Select the ‘loand and savings’ option
  7. Select ‘opt-in’ to finish.

How to check fuliza loan balance

  • Call *234# on the safaricom line you want to check your loan balance for.
  • Select option 0
  • Next select option 2
  • You shall receive a message about your fuliza loan balance.
  • Also, every time you fuliza, the transaction confirmation message comes with your remaining fuliza loan balance

New Fuliza Intrest Rates

Fuliza Loan AmountInterest Rate Per Day
Sh101-499Sh 3
New Fuliza Intrest Rates
how to increase fuliza limit within seconds


However, note that the second method is always trial and error and doesn’t work for everyone. At least that’s the reason you’re here, and you don’t want to repeat the same blunder. Therefore use it with caution, especially those that have a fuliza limit. Opting in and out again can reduce your fuliza limit to zero.