How to send money through Western Union to Kenya

In case you want to send money using western union to Kenya, use the steps we are going to offer below.

  1. Visit a bank of your convenience
  2. Pick and fill in the western union remittance form
  3. The destination country should be Kenya
  4. Submit your filled form and the money to be sent to Kenya plus the transaction fee to a teller.
  5. The teller shall give you an MTCN number and transaction receipt
  6. Send the MTCN number to the person receiving the money from western union in Kenya
  7. They shall collect the sent money at western union in any bank in Kenya by producing the MTCN number.

FAQs About Sending Money From Western Union To Kenya

Can Western Union send money to Kenya?

Yes, the western union can send money to Kenya. Visit your bank to send money to Kenya today via western union

What is required to send money via western union?

To send money via western union you shall be required to visit a bank and fill out the western union remittance form then provide the amount of money you want to send plus the transaction charges.

Which bank uses Western Union in Kenya?

Most banks in Kenya offer western union services. Western Union can be found at KCB, equity, cooperative, and Absa bank among others.